Official Photographer of .unethical.

Today i celebrate the announcement that I am officially THE photographer for the metal band .unethical. from Amsterdam. Guitarist of .unethical. (also a good friend of mine) officially asked me to be their photographer and i accepted. yay. Went to their studio and got me some pretty cool shots of them doing their thing.

On a side note: Damn their bassist is HOT! and he’s bald.i never go for the bald guys…but this one is ..echt een lekker ding hehehe  (did i say that out loud? I must mean it then. heheheheh) what can i say…i have hormones….and i think like a guy. go figure.

Anyways…these guys rock and they’ are pretty cool to hang out with. I like. 🙂

Some shots from our first shoot.

Update (Feb 2010):

Guitarist Fess and Singers rene and Arch have left the band.  Current singer is Dennis.


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