A brief intro

Hello All, I’m a creative freelance photographer originally from the Caribbean (Sint. Maarten Dutch West Indies) but I have made my home in Amsterdam these past 12 years. Interested in many different genres of photography. I’ve been told that as a photographer I cannot be a jack of all trades, thing is I do not care to be. One could say I consider myself a “A Jane of many.” I photograph what I love, what catches my eye and what I find interesting (and of course what I get paid to do).

No matter the job/project, I put my heart and soul into it, anything to take advantage of enjoying what I am most passionate about. I’m quite the moody type, a bit dark (sometimes too dark) but I try to always be honest and kind to others. It is quite difficult for me to describe my work as I’m such an indecisive perfectionist but I suppose from the top of my head I would say I care most about capturing the ‘real-ness’ of a situation/person. Natural beauty, captivating colors and a thought out composition are all themes which you will find re-occurring in my work.

I am aware I don’t make it any easier for myself by having no real specialization. Perhaps something I have yet to discover. In the meantime, I am more than grateful to be able to share my work in this wonderful community of talented artists. Once again, my name is Sarina. Pleased to meet you.

* Updated: 2010


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